10 Best Art Deco Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Throughout history, home décor has seen numerous styles rise and fall. In the 1930’s, we saw the birth of a style that remains beloved even today: art deco.

Art deco design was all about opulence, luxury, and repeating patterns. Expect shimmering golden accents, the use of mechanical pieces, and elaborate angular patterns that simply ooze high class and wealth.

If you, like many others, are drawn to the art deco style, you might be pleased to know that you can find a grandfather clock that can blend right in. To prove it, here are the best art deco grandfather clocks for sale that we could find.

Best Art Deco Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Hourglass Clock

Howard Miller Hourglass Clock

With machinery becoming more and more important, it was little wonder that much of art deco design featured the use of gears, metal, and other mechanical qualities. That’s what makes Howard Miller’s Hourglass Clock the perfect option for an art deco-inspired home.

With the hourglass in the middle and metallic frame, this clock is also a great fit in steampunk-style settings. It’s simply a versatile design that marries both old-fashioned and industrial elements to form a unique piece.


  • Perfect for both art deco and steampunk-inspired homes.
  • Neutral colors in the clock will match with a range of color schemes.
  • It has a unique look you won’t find anywhere else.


  • None reported yet.
Jasper Grandfather Clock

Curved tops and brightly gleaming innards were popular in clocks from the art deco era. The Howard Miller Jasper Floor Clock fits with that design scheme perfectly.

Aside from being an excellent addition to art deco décor, the Jasper clock has many other benefits. An example is the heirloom nameplate and certificate it comes with. You can have your name and a specific date engraved in the clock’s nameplate, turning it into a family treasure that you’ll be able to pass down throughout future generations.

Additionally, it has an integrated nighttime shutoff function. Because the sound of the Westminster chimes will be muted at night, you’ll be able to rest uninterrupted.


  • It has adjustable floor levelers underneath each leg to promote stability.
  • The front door locks to protect the inside of the clock.
  • Comes with an heirloom nameplate and certificate.
  • It’s crafted from stunning hardwood and finished in Cherry Bordeaux.
  • Beautiful gold-colored weight shells, pendulum, and dial will accent art deco pieces.


  • None reported.
Everly Quinn Glass Clock

Earlier on, we mentioned how art deco was all about opulence. The Everly Quinn Glass Grandfather Clock isn’t a perfect match for traditional art deco motifs, but we think it captures the spirit of the style.

With its gleaming shelves and faux diamond-studded face, it’s undeniable that it gives off an air of luxury. This is one clock you’ll love to put out where everyone can see it.

As a bonus, it has shelves built into the case. Spruce up your art deco-themed room by adding some pieces onto the shelves for display.


  • The clock has an extremely luxurious look.
  • It has integrated shelves for storage.
  • Because it’s battery-powered, there’s minimal maintenance involved.


  • None.

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Hermle Essex Grandfather Clock

The Hermle Essex Grandfather Clock is one we’ve had our eye on, but we needed the right opportunity to mention it. We feel this list is a great place to include it.

Hermle is a well-known grandfather clock manufacturer, much like Howard Miller and Ridgeway. Because of that, you can trust that this exquisite timepiece has been built to last.

With its open-faced design, you can clearly see all its tubular chimes, weight shells, and it other features. This gives it the kind of gleaming gold pattern you might see in other art deco décor.


  • Intriguing open-faced design that puts all of its components on display.
  • Made from wood with a dark, warm-toned finish.
  • Can be matched with a wide range of decorative styles.


  • None.
Ridgeway Dover Grandfather Clock

If you’re looking for another reputable grandfather clock manufacturer, Ridgeway is a solid choice. Their Dover Grandfather Clock is a breathtaking timepiece that showcases their talent for design.

It has a smoothly rounded top with cream-colored dial that’s sure to call art deco to mind. On top of that, its gorgeous pendulum and weight shells give it a little sparkle that adds to its luxurious appeal.

On the hour, it will play the Westminster chime melody. This is one of the most popular chime melodies for grandfather clocks, and chances are, you’ve heard it before.


  • Has adjustable levelers underneath each foot to increase its stability.
  • Mirrored backing gives the clock some visual dimension.
  • It’s crafted from hardwood with an elegant Bellair Cherry Finish.
  • It plays the classic and popular Westminster chime melody.
  • Has interior cabinet illumination to give the clock a soft glow.


  • There are no reported issues at this point in time.
Howard Miller Cogwheel Clock

The Howard Miller Cogwheel Floor Clock is very much like the first one we included on this list, but with some key differences. For one thing, it doesn’t include an hourglass. Instead, it has cogwheels in the middle that expose the inner workings of the clock.

It also lacks the wooden accents on the base. However, in place of those accents, it as a straightforward metal frame that looks like piping.

This clock is ideal for complementing your vintage decorations. It’s also battery-operated, which means you won’t have to wind it regularly.


  • Intriguing cogwheel design that looks totally unique.
  • The clock is powered by batteries, so it doesn’t need to be wound.
  • The frame is made from sturdy, long-lived metal.
  • It has adjustable flanges on its legs to ensure it rests levelly.


  • None reported.
Alpha Floor Clock

The Alpha Floor Clock is a variation on the previous Everly Quinn Clock we included on this list. It has the same highly polished exterior with faux diamonds embedded in the clock’s face and on the drawers on the bottom.

What we like about this clock is that it gives you even more storage. While it wasn’t necessarily made to put the items you’re storing on display, you can never have enough storage space in your home. This clock will provide you that extra space you need so you won’t clutter your home.


  • The clock comes with built-in storage.
  • Luxurious polished design that features faux diamonds.
  • It’s not too bulky to move once it’s set up.
  • Its neutral tones will match with a variety of decorating styles.


  • No issues.
Howard Miller Oscar Floor Clock

Howard Miller offers a ton of clocks that could fit in with just about any decorating style. Another one we think would blend in with your art deco decorations is this Oscar Floor Clock.

It has a unique thin base with a silver-finished dial and pendulum. While it may not have the ostentatious flair that art deco is most well-known for, the clock does possess a sort of understated elegance that will still blend in with other art deco pieces.


  • Simple and basic design that blends in anywhere.
  • Slender profile makes it easy to squeeze in between other things in your home.
  • It’s battery-operated, which means no key-winding.
  • It will rest evenly on any floor, thanks to its levelers.


  • None.
Howard Miller Odie Floor Clock

This is another clock that might not strictly fall into the art deco category, but we still felt it was worth mentioning. It has a metallic, almost industrial look that still is a neat fit for the era.

What’s more, the Odie clock is a blast to watch once it’s set up. The pendulum is designed to swing perfectly through the elliptical cutouts on the sides. It’s almost like an optical illusion.


  • The frame, hands, and numerals are finished in aged silver.
  • It’s powered by batteries.
  • While it’s on, the pendulum will swing through the sides.
  • Adjustable levelers in the base guarantee it will sit evenly on any type of floor.


  • None mentioned.
Arts and Crafts Style Clock

Stained glass was another common decorative feature in the art deco era. This clock may not be a grandfather clock in the strictest sense of the word, but we still couldn’t resist including the Arts and Crafts Style Clock on the list.

You can probably guess why: in addition to the multi-color swirls in the finish of the wood, the clock features an intricate stain glass-style pattern on the front. The “stained glass” is actually made from clay tiles, but you won’t notice the difference.

Like many other miniature grandfather clocks, this is a petite little timepiece that you can fit anywhere. Whether it’s on your table, shelf, or desk, you’ll be able to find room for it.


  • Small size allows it to be displayed anywhere.
  • Beautiful clay tile pattern on the front resembles stained glass.
  • You don’t need to wind it because it is powered by batteries.


  • It does not have a pendulum.

What to Consider When Buying an Art Deco Grandfather Clock

Chime Pattern

Picture a grandfather clock. What, in your mind, makes a clock a grandfather clock? We’d be willing to bet that at least one of the things you imagined was musical chimes these clocks are famous for.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a range of chime melodies that grandfather clocks can play. The most common one is likely the Westminster melody, but there are plenty of others to choose from, such as Bim Bam or Ave Maria.

Some grandfather clocks can even play multiple different melodies. On these clocks, you can choose whichever song you’re in the mood to hear, then listen to it play your chosen song as it tolls the hour.

If you’re interested in a specific clock, we recommend checking out which chime melody or melodies it plays, if any. Then you’ll know if you like the way the clock sounds in addition to how it looks.


While many people likely imagine all grandfather clocks as being made from wood, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially with art deco, a huge range of materials are used to make any decoration, including grandfather clocks.

Just on this list alone, you see both metallic and wooden clocks. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to think about whether materials matter to you.

If you want something with an almost modern appearance, metal could be a good choice. However, a minimalist wooden clock could still be a reasonable pick.

On the flipside, if you do choose a wooden clock, you’ll have additional qualities to consider, like the finish. The color of the finish is what will make a clock lighter or darker.


Grandfather clocks come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re short on space, don’t feel like this means you’ll never be able to own a grandfather clock – there are plenty of smaller choices available to you.

Even if you’re looking at a freestanding clock, the sizes vary drastically. Always check the dimensions of the clock in the listing, so you can be sure it will fit into the space you have planned for it.

Should a freestanding clock be impossible in your home, there are other types of clocks to think about. For instance, a wall-mounted grandfather clock may be more fitting for those who don’t have space on their floors.

Nighttime Shutoff and Volume Controls

When it’s time to go to bed, you don’t want your grandfather clock waking you up every hour on the hour. This is why you should check to see if the clock you’re choosing has a nighttime shutoff system or volume control.

With volume control, you can reduce the volume of the chimes when appropriate. Not only can this keep the clock from distracting you, but it can help tailor the clock for smaller rooms.

Nighttime shutoff systems mute the clock’s chimes after dark. This ensures you won’t be woken up hourly throughout the night.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of beautiful grandfather clocks on this list, all with an interesting twist that makes them desirable for art deco-themed spaces. If we were to pick only one, however, we’d go with the Howard Miller Jasper Clock.

It has the makings necessary for a high-class piece. With brilliantly gleaming innards and a refined wooden case, it would neatly complement any home seeking to imitate the luxury of the art deco style.

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