10 Best Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best Grandfather Clocks

Here at ClockNerds, we love all types of clocks, but one of the most iconic is definitely the stately grandfather clock. When you think of a grandfather clock, we bet you picture something with presence. Traditionally, they are tall, wooden, and covered in very detailed carvings that transform them into statement pieces. However, these clocks come … Read more

10 Best Art Deco Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best Art Deco Grandfather Clocks

Throughout history, home décor has seen numerous styles rise and fall. In the 1930’s, we saw the birth of a style that remains beloved even today: art deco. Art deco design was all about opulence, luxury, and repeating patterns. Expect shimmering golden accents, the use of mechanical pieces, and elaborate angular patterns that simply ooze high … Read more

10 Best French Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best French Grandfather Clocks

French décor is breathtaking. Filled with intricate flourishes, colors worthy of paintings, and graceful curves, French-style pieces are ideal for those seeking luxury. All these concepts can be applied to a grandfather clock. There many on the market today that draw inspiration from French décor, and we’ve found several good ones to show you. In this list, … Read more

10 Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

If you’ve spent any time looking at grandfather clocks, you’ve probably run into one name frequently: Howard Miller. This company is renowned for their ability to produce stunning timepieces that last long enough to become family heirlooms. Their grandfather clocks are absolutely beautiful. Those considering adding a grandfather clock to their homes would do well by … Read more

10 Best Modern Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best Modern Grandfather Clocks

There are so many ways you can decorate your home these days. With numerous decorating styles to choose from, anyone can perfectly tailor their space into something that feels perfect for them. Contemporary and modern are particularly popular styles in interior décor. Modern décor is characterized by neutral or earthy colors and simple, minimalist styles that … Read more