10 Best Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Here at ClockNerds, we love all types of clocks, but one of the most iconic is definitely the stately grandfather clock. When you think of a grandfather clock, we bet you picture something with presence. Traditionally, they are tall, wooden, and covered in very detailed carvings that transform them into statement pieces.

However, these clocks come in all kinds of styles. In this list of the best grandfather clocks for sale, we’d like to highlight some of our favorites. Many of them are clocks we haven’t yet had the opportunity to mention in any of our other guides, and we feel they deserved a spot here.

Let’s show you what we picked and why…

Best Grandfather Clocks

Kensington Grandfather Clock

Ridgeway Kensington Grandfather Clock

The Kensington Grandfather Clock is a masterclass in everything the classic grandfather clock should be. It’s made from quality hardwoods and framed with delicately detailed carvings to boost its elegance. At the top, it’s crowned with a swan neck pediment design you’ll see mirrored in numerous other grandfather clocks.

As a bonus, the case of the clock has built-in lighting. You can easily read the dial or watch the movement of the pendulum regardless of how dark it is in the room. The gentle glow of the clock may even be a comfort if you’re up at night.

We also like that the Kensington lets you choose which chime plays. There are three possible melodies to choose, including Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael. Not all grandfather clocks let you choose, so this is something that makes the Kensington a flexible and intriguing prospect.


  • Made from quality hardwoods.
  • It has interior illumination to allow you to read the dial regardless of the lighting in the room.
  • You can touch the middle door hinge to dim the clock’s lighting in the event it’s too bright.
  • It has three different chime melodies for you to choose.
  • There’s an optional automatic nighttime shutoff function if you’re worried about the clock waking you up.
  • It has beveled glass on the front to give it some additional dimension.


  • None.

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Howard Miller Diana Floor Clock

We recommended the Diana Floor Clock in our list of the best French grandfather clocks. Not necessarily because it’s actually French in origin, but because we felt it had a detailed and beautiful leaf and vine design that could easily blend in with French décor.

However, we feel this grandfather clock deserves mention on this list, too. It has a sort of antique aesthetic to it that would make it an excellent fit for any collector.

Like the previous clock on this list, the dial is illuminated. This makes it so you can read the time at any point in the day, whether or not there’s enough natural light.

A nice extra to this clock is the heirloom documentation it comes with. It includes a nameplate that your name and a date of your choice will be engraved into. It will also come with a certificate that you can pass down as documentation through your family.


  • The clock comes with documentation that you can pass down through your family as an heirloom.
  • It has an integrated nighttime shutoff function, so it won’t disrupt you at night.
  • Interior illumination allows you to read the face of the clock regardless of the surrounding lighting.
  • Its front door can be locked for extra security.
  • Its parts and workmanship are covered under a two-year warranty.


  • No problems reported yet by owners.
Howard Miller JH Miller

The JH Miller Wood Grandfather Clock is like the king of grandfather clocks. It’s made with sixteen different types of hardwoods, and some of those types are very difficult to find these days.

It also features a classic grandfather clock design with its swan neck pediment and columned sides. Only, this clock looks quite a bit more intricate than the standard grandfather clock.

What’s more, the front and side glass panels on this clock are all beveled glass. It gives you an unobstructed view of the clock’s interior no matter which angle you’re looking at it from.


  • It’s made from sixteen different types of hardwoods.
  • With its automatic nighttime shutoff function, it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • The clock was made in the USA.
  • It has beveled glass panels on its front and sides, giving you easy access to its interior for winding.
  • It can play your choice of three different chime melodies: Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael.
  • The case of the clock is covered in exquisite carvings.
  • It has adjustable levelers under each leg so it will never lean at an unattractive angle.
  • You’ll receive a free nameplate on the clock that can be engraved with your name.
  • Parts and workmanship are covered by a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • None.
Howard Miller Brenner Clock Black

Thus far, we have only looked at grandfather clocks that have a very vintage design. But what if you’d like a more modern-looking grandfather clock? Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for you. One of our favorites is the Brenner III Floor Clock by Howard Miller.

This clock has a sleek look that you won’t find much anywhere else. It has straight sides, a chic narrow silhouette, and a mirrored back to give it some presence.

Despite its modern-day looks, however, it still has a classical build. It’s a cable-driven clock that will need to be wound periodically. On the hour, it will play the Westminster chime melody for you.


  • Beautiful modern design that will fit into just about any home.
  • It can sit on carpet or uneven flooring because of its levelers.
  • Comes with a free heirloom nameplate and certificate for documentation purposes.
  • The inside of the case has a lamp with three different brightness settings.
  • Its side glass panels are removable to make maintenance effortless.
  • The clock has a built-in automatic nighttime shutoff function so as not to be noisy at night.


  • No issues mentioned yet by owners.
Salerno Floor Clock

The Salerno is another clock that we’ve looked for the perfect opportunity to mention. This clock is a stunning and old-fashioned statement piece that is sure to garner you compliments.

It was made by Hermle, which is a well-known clock manufacturer. You can rest assured that it’s a quality timepiece.

Additionally, if it’s important to you where things are made, you may be pleased to know the clock is made in the USA.


  • Eight-day mechanical design, which is very traditional.
  • Has a gorgeous curved pediment and walnut-colored finish.
  • The clock is made in the United States by a reputable company.


  • None.
Howard Miller Davidson Floor Clock

We love that the Davidson Floor Clock has a rustic appeal to it. While you can find some grandfather clocks with this aesthetic, it doesn’t seem to be as common, so we had to put this one on the list.

For one thing, the clock has an aged natural finish. It has been wire brushed to give it a reclaimed wood look that’s absolutely perfect for rustic or beachy décor.

The weight shells and pendulum are done in blackened steel. These elements complete the slightly worn look of the clock for an impressive effect that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard.


  • Artificially distressed look gives the clock a much more natural feel.
  • The door has an iron-finished gun barrel latch that adds to its rustic appeal.
  • It includes a free heirloom nameplate and certificate, so you can turn it into a prized family heirloom.
  • Its automatic nighttime shutoff function will prevent it from chiming through the night when you’re trying to sleep.
  • You can put it on carpet or uneven floors, thanks to its levelers.
  • The clock is both designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Uses a classic cable-driven design.
  • It plays the popular Westminster melody when it chimes.


  • None.

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Loon Peak Rustic Grandfather Clock

Loon Peak’s Rustic Grandfather Clock is another piece we’ve simply been waiting for the right place to mention. Like the previous clock on this list, it has a charming rustic design that you just won’t find in many places.

Interestingly, the clock is made in the USA by Amish craftsmen. This means you can be sure of its sturdy design and quality materials.

With its log-style frame, wholly wooden case, and aged-looking dial, it’s the perfect addition to a cabin or country home.


  • The clock is made from solid Hickory wood.
  • It has an enchanting rustic, woodsy aesthetic that’s perfect for a cabin.
  • Since it’s battery-powered, you won’t need to spend time winding it.
  • Made by Amish woodworkers in the USA.


  • None reported yet.

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Howard Miller Cogwheel Clock

We wanted to populate this list with lots of unique options to suit a range of styles. With that objective in mind, we couldn’t help but include the Cogwheel Floor Clock, which we also recommended in our list of art deco grandfather clocks.

If you’re into steampunk or industrial-themed furniture, this is a great piece for you. Unlike most other grandfather clocks, it boasts a solid metal frame.

It may not be easy to see in the picture, but there is also a pendulum in front of the gears, which will swing back and forth. The gears also move if you turn the handwheel on the front of the clock, which is a thoughtful touch.


  • It has an intriguing mechanical theme.
  • The handwheel on the front can be used to turn the gears.
  • The clock is battery-powered, so you won’t need to wind it.
  • Has adjustable flanges to ensure it sits levelly on your floor.


  • No issues at this point in time.
Howard Miller Majestic II Clock

What if your grandfather clock wasn’t just a decorative piece? What if, in addition to being beautiful, it was extremely functional?

That’s precisely why we included the Majestic II Clock on this list. It has a grandfather clock built into it, with a time dial and a pendulum with weight shells in the case. However, in addition to being a grandfather clock, it’s a display case.

This could be an ideal clock for someone who doesn’t have the room for a grandfather clock alone. Although the Majestic II will understandably be quite large, it makes up for the space it takes with its built-in shelving. You can use it to put some of your family photos or other favorite photos on display. Or, as the picture suggests, you can keep knickknacks in it.


  • Made from solid wood and glass.
  • In addition to being a grandfather clock, it has integrated shelving.
  • It uses a classic design that’s perfect for pairing with other antique furniture.


  • It will be much larger in size than your standard grandfather clock, but we feel it makes up for that increase with its included shelving.
Jasper Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks with rounded tops and glass cases are another popular design. We feel the Jasper Floor Clock embodies this design to its fullest extent.

It’s a much simpler design than you’ll see in other clocks, but it still has its intricacies if you know where to look. The pendulum is made from polished brass with a detailed center disk. Above, its dial has a silver face with brass numerals to match the pendulum.

The frame is made from solid hardwoods that have been finished in Cherry Bordeaux. Its front door, which can be locked, features beveled glass to lend the piece some extra dimension.

For a nice finishing touch, the back of the case is mirrored. This gives the illusion of the clock being even larger on the inside than it really is, making it a joy to study.


  • It comes with a free in-home installation, so you don’t have to deal with setting it up.
  • Made from solid hardwoods.
  • Includes a free nameplate and heirloom certificate.
  • It has levelers for extra stability.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Plays the Westminster chime melody hourly.
  • Automatic nighttime shutoff, so it won’t disrupt your sleep.


  • None.

What to Consider When Buying a Grandfather Clock


A lot of considerations will go into choosing the right grandfather clock for your home or business. One of the first things you should ask yourself, however, is how large you want your clock to be.

We always recommend beginning by choosing a spot for your clock first. That way, you can measure the spot in question to see exactly how much room you have.

Be sure to compare your measurements with the measurements of any clock you’re interested in. If the clocks on this list all seem too large, you can reference our list of the best miniature grandfather clocks for some other options that may be more manageable for you.


The look of the clock will likely be at or near the top of your list. There’s nothing superficial about thinking this way; many choose a grandfather clock because of its elegant looks. They are both timekeepers and statement pieces.

From this list alone, you can see that grandfather clocks come in a huge variety of styles. To pick the best style for your home, start by looking at your current décor.

What types of materials and colors would match with it? Would a wooden case look better, or would you prefer something metallic to pair with industrial design?

No matter what type of style you’re into, we can pretty much guarantee there’s a grandfather clock out there that’s perfect for you.

Chime Patterns

One of the best things about clocks is their chiming. If you’re drawn to grandfather clocks, at least part of their appeal for you is likely to be their musical chimes that serenade you once or more an hour.

Keep in mind that grandfather clocks can play different songs. Westminster is without a doubt the most common, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options out there.

Before purchasing a particular clock, we strongly recommend checking out which melody it plays. Once you’ve found out, listen to that melody online so you can be sure it’s one you’ll enjoy hearing frequently.

Nighttime Shutoff and Volume Controls

The specific melody a clock plays isn’t the only consideration you should make regarding a clock’s chimes. Be sure to think about how loud they are and if they ever turn off.

A nighttime shutoff function can be a gamechanger in a clock. It will mute the chiming after dark to prevent the clock from potentially waking you with its chimes.

Some clocks even have volume controls. On these clocks, you can reduce the volume of a clock’s chimes if you find it too loud for the room.

Wrap Up

We feel we included an excellent sampling of grandfather clocks on this list. There are modern clocks, rustic clocks, industrial clocks, and of course, traditional clocks here in this post.

Despite all this variety, we must admit we’re drawn to the JH Miller Wood Grandfather Clock. So much care and attention went into its construction, from the huge variety of hardwoods in its frame to its beveled glass panels to its extraordinarily detailed pendulum and weight shells. When we picture the ultimate grandfather clock, this is what we imagine.

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