10 Best Black Grandfather Clocks for Sale

If you’re looking for an easy color to add to your home décor, black is one of your best bets. As a dark neutral tone, it matches with virtually any other color you could possibly use.

It conveys refinement and elegance without being gaudy. That’s what makes black grandfather clocks excellent pieces to add to your home. If you’re not sure where to find quality options, we’ve gathered a few in this list for you to check out.

Let’s take a closer look…

Best Black Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Seville Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Seville Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller’s Seville grandfather clock isn’t completely dark black, but its Black Coffee finish is close enough. From a short distance, it would fit in with any other stately black pieces you have in your space.

This is also a great pick for anyone who loves traditional cable-driven clocks. Sure, they take a little maintenance every several days, but they’re also durable and classic.

Everything about the Seville looks classic, in fact. Its flat pediment and carved pillars on the sides convey a look of understated grace that won’t come across to guests as tacky.


  • Beautiful Black Coffee finish on sturdy hardwood.
  • You can choose from Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes.
  • It won’t interrupt you in the middle of the night because of its automatic nighttime shutoff.
  • You won’t need to struggle with setting it up, because it comes with a free in-home installation performed by a clock technician.
  • Has adjustable levelers under each corner so it will rest evenly on any type of floor.
  • Parts and workmanship are covered by a two-year warranty.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Urban Floor Clock III

This Urban Floor Clock is a perfect, smooth black. No disclaimers that it looks different up close or that it looks darker from a distance.

We also adore the contemporary design of the clock. True to its name, it has a modern square shape with simple weight shells and a gleaming pendulum to match. The dial has minimalist raised lines to mark the numbers.

No one could call this beautiful clock gaudy. Nevertheless, it has a commanding presence that will garner compliments.


  • Simple, minimalist urban design.
  • The clock could easily match with any type of decoration.
  • Beautiful glass panels allow you to watch the sideways movement of the pendulum.


  • None reported yet.
Nicolette Grandfather Clock Black

Like Howard Miller, Hermle is a well-known and respected brand in the field of clocks. This black Nicolette clock demonstrates their proficiency and eye for style.

It’s made from solid maple wood harvested in the US. Additionally, the case is made by hand in the US while the clock parts are sourced from quality German engineers.

The dial, pendulum, and weight shells have some added flair, as well. The detailing in gold on all of them is sure to catch the eye whenever you’re in the same room.


  • Intricate golden detailing on the pendulum, weight shells, and dial give the clock an extra flair.
  • The case is made by hand from high-quality maple wood.
  • You only need to pull the cables once every eight days.
  • Offers your choice of three different popular chime melodies: Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael.
  • It has a silencer switch that you can turn to mute the clock when you need complete quiet.


  • No issues reported yet.

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Howard Miller Brenner Clock Black

The Brenner Floor Clock is one we’ve mentioned before because of its distinct contemporary design. Its flat sides and top in addition to the mirrored back panel give it a thoroughly modern aesthetic that would look elegant in just about any home.

One thing that sets it apart from its competition is the illumination in the case. With the soft light reflecting off the mirrored backing and polished pendulum, this clock is truly a sight to behold.

On top of receiving a beautiful clock, you’ll get an heirloom nameplate and certificate for documentation. The nameplate can be engraved with your name and a specific date so that you can pass the clock down through your family.


  • It’s a great family heirloom, thanks to the nameplate and certificate it comes with.
  • Gorgeous modern design that would look chic in any home.
  • The adjustable levelers under the corners allow you to put the clock on an uneven floor.
  • It is both designed and assembled in the USA.
  • In-case illumination gives the clock a gentle and appealing glow.
  • You can adjust the strength of the illumination if it’s too bright or dim.


  • None.
Coaster Grandfather Clock Dark Brown

It may not be a perfect dark black, but the Coaster Grandfather Clock has a dark brown finish that is similar in tone. It still manages to have a kind of natural warmth to it, even though it’s a darker color. For that reason, we think it’s perfect for complementing any antiques you may have on display.

Although it has the look of a high-quality cable-driven clock, this one is actually battery-powered. Because it’s battery-powered, you don’t have to deal with winding a key or pulling chains periodically. This truly is a “set it and forget it” kind of clock with minimal maintenance.


  • It’s made from stunning hardwood with an extremely dark brown finish.
  • Because it’s battery-powered, you don’t have much maintenance to worry about.
  • Would pair well with other antiques in your home.
  • In comparison with many other grandfather clocks, it’s quite affordable.


  • None.

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Greenwich Regulator Wall Clock

If you don’t have much space, a freestanding grandfather clock might be hard to accommodate. Although they are undeniably stunning, it is also undeniable that they eat up quite a bit of space.

That’s when you can consider a wall-mounted grandfather clock like this Greenwich one. As a bonus, it’s made by Hermle, so you know you can trust the quality of this timepiece.

On the hour, the Greenwich Regulator Wall Clock will play the Westminster tune, a classic chime melody that you’ve probably encountered before.


  • Since it’s wall-mounted, you don’t need to try and make room for it on your floor somewhere.
  • Plays the timeless Westminster chime melody on the hour.
  • Dark black case matches well with other decorations.


  • None reported yet.
Iron Scroll Floor Clock

When you think of a grandfather clock, you probably don’t think of something that looks like the Iron Scroll Floor Clock. That’s precisely why we selected it – it’s inarguably unique, and guests are sure to comment on it.

Although it lacks the pendulum and chains you’re used to seeing in grandfather clocks, we think it’s still a stunning timepiece. In fact, because it doesn’t have all those components, it tends to be more budget-friendly than numerous other floor clock options.

Furthermore, because the frame is made from iron, it’s extremely tough.


  • Durable iron construction.
  • Stylized frame adds taste and flair to any room.
  • Perfect for those on a budget.


  • It doesn’t have a pendulum or chains like you would see in other grandfather clocks.
Polyresin Grandfather Clock

The Polyresin Grandfather Clock is another one with a totally unique look. We can say that we haven’t seen much else like it, and it’s likely you haven’t, either!

Its extremely detailed frame makes it look like a work of art. Elaborate scrollwork and golden detailing against the dark backdrop cause it to strike a unique silhouette that anyone visiting your home is sure to remember for years to come.

As far as mechanics go, this clock is battery-operated. This can be a real timesaver (pun intended!), since you won’t need to wind it up every several days.


  • Extremely ornate and detailed design makes it a true conversation piece.
  • You can shut off the chimes if they’re too loud for you.
  • It’s battery-operated, so minimal maintenance.
  • The volume of the chimes can be adjusted for different spaces.


  • No issues reported at this point in time.
Patterson Table Clock

If you need a miniature grandfather clock, Hermle’s Patterson Table Clock could be a great fit for you. This tiny clock is small enough to fit on your desk, table, nightstand, or shelf in any room.

What we really love about this clock is that you can see all its gears and pendulum. The gears give it a high degree of visual intrigue – we wouldn’t be surprised if you could hardly keep your eyes off it.

It’s also available in a huge range of colors. If you decide you don’t like the black version, there are several other options for you to choose from.


  • Intriguing design gives you a clear view of the clock’s gears and pendulum.
  • Available in a wide range of colors to fit in to even more environments.
  • Its compact size means you can display it virtually anywhere.


  • None.
Howard Miller Alexi Clock

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a simple clock. Timepieces like the Howard Miller Alexi Clock are wonderful for when you don’t want something that looks too busy in your room.

We do admit that the clock isn’t purely black, but the red accents add a lot of warmth to the piece. Combined with the gold hands and pendulum, it has a classy design that would work well in spaces with vintage pieces.


  • It’s wall-mounted, so you don’t have to rearrange furniture on the floor to find space for it.
  • Red, black, and gold color scheme looks classic and vintage.
  • The red will add a touch of warmth to any space.


  • None.

What to Consider When Buying a Black Grandfather Clock

Chime Pattern

There are plenty of people who love the sound of a clock’s chime. This is one of the selling points for grandfather clocks, which are well-known for the almost ethereal sound of their chiming.

If you don’t know much about clocks, though, you might not be aware that there are different chime melodies. Some of the most popular ones include Westminster, Whittington, St. Michael, and Ave Maria.

Before choosing a clock, check out which melodies it can play. Look up a video clip of those melodies online so you can be sure you like them prior to purchase.


With any piece of décor or furniture, build quality is a top consideration. The same concept applies to grandfather clocks. You don’t want to invest in one, only to have it break within months or even weeks of purchase, right?

Pay attention to what the clock is made from. Even if durability isn’t your only concern, the material can be important in terms of aesthetics.

Some people look for a specific type of wood. Others like the look of metal or glass on their clocks. It’s up to you which materials you feel will look the best for your home.

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One of the main reasons anyone chooses to add a grandfather clock to their home is style. Of course, there are many other reasons, but at the end of the day, most can agree they are functional decorative pieces.

Considering the look of a grandfather clock isn’t frivolous – far from it. Factoring in the appearance is a crucial part of the process since it’s going to be on display in your home. You may as well choose something that you’ll like looking at.

Some things to pay attention to are the style of the numerals on the dial, the shape of the case, and any detailing on the pendulum. Clocks can be simple and modern with straight cases and polished dials or elaborate with detailing on the pendulums and carvings on the cases.


Another thing to think about is the size of the grandfather clock. It’s no secret that some of them can be behemoths, towering off your floor and dominating a corner or piece of the wall.

Many people love the traditional towering profile of a grandfather clock. If you live in a small apartment or you don’t have a lot of room, however, such large clocks present a logistical challenge.

Fortunately, there are clocks in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to think about where you want to put the clock and how much space you have, then compare it with the listed dimensions for the piece.

Wrap Up

If you’re on the lookout for a piece of black décor to tie together a space, a grandfather clock can be a wonderful idea. These clocks are not only gorgeous – they’re also functional, since you can use them to keep time and add music to your home.

Which one is our favorite on this list? Well, if we had to pick only one, we’d go for the Nicolette Grandfather Clock by Hermle. It has mesmerizing detailing on the pendulum, weight shells, and dial, contrasted with an elegant black case that will surely catch your eye. It also plays three different extremely popular chime melodies, so there’s sure to be one you’ll love.

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