10 Best Electric Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Traditionally, grandfather clocks have been mechanical. Owners of the most luxurious grandfather clocks had to remember to either use a key to turn their arbors every several days, or to pull down chains inside the cabinet once per week.

These clocks still exist today. Howeverm in the modern-day busy lifestyle, it’s unfortunately all too easy to forget to pull a chain or wind the clock with a key.

The busy-friendly alternative is an electric grandfather clock. Rather than requiring weekly maintenance from you, these clocks require the simple insertion of a battery periodically to keep them going. If that sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, we’ve found the best electric grandfather clocks for your consideration.

Best Electric Grandfather Clocks

Coaster Brown Grandfather Clock

Coaster Brown Grandfather Clock

If you think choosing a battery-powered grandfather clock means you have to sacrifice on the charming traditional look, clocks like this Coaster Brown Grandfather Clock exist to prove you delightfully wrong. It has the tall silhouette and wood carvings that you’re likely used to seeing in grandfather clocks, all covered with an exquisite dark finish.

The chime melody this beauty plays is Westminster. Enjoy the homey melody at the top of every hour when you choose this incredibly budget-friendly grandfather clock.


  • Tall and slender silhouette that looks graceful.
  • Beautiful dark finish on the wood.
  • Available for a generally affordable price.


  • None reported yet.

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Bowery Hill Chime Grandfather Clock

The Bowery Hill Chime Grandfather Clock has an even more elaborate and traditional look than the former. We’d recommend this one for anyone on a budget who wants a battery-powered clock with a lot of visual flair.

It’s also an excellent fit for smaller homes. Thanks to its mid-height design, it doesn’t take up quite as much room as many other grandfather clocks do.

Its warm auburn finish is also perfect for pairing with mahogany or vintage furniture. This clock will give you the look of an antique without the price of one.


  • Made from solid wood.
  • It’s mid-height, so it likely won’t be too large for your space.
  • Rich auburn finish gives it a charming antique feel.


  • Assembly is required.
Torrance Floor Clock

If you’re on the lookout for something with a simple kind of charm, check out this Howard Miller Torrence Clock. It has a graceful, curved case with uncomplicated carved ridges. The top of the clock features an elegant crown that you are free to remove if you don’t like the look of it.

At the bottom of the case, there’s a small round window that you can watch the pendulum swing through. The panel that contains the window is also lockable, so you can prevent people from opening it and accidentally tampering with it.

You’ll get a bevy of high-end features with this piece. For one thing, you have a choice between Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam melodies. You can also change the volume of the chimes if they’re too loud or quiet for your liking.


  • Graceful tapered base works especially well with rustic décor.
  • The front panel can be locked to protect the inside of the clock.
  • The volume of the chimes can be raised or lowered.
  • You can choose from three different chime melodies.
  • There are levelers under each leg so the clock can be even on tilted floors or carpet.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Reid Floor Clock

The angular Howard Miller Reid Floor Clock is one of the most budget-friendly Howard Miller options you’ll find. Despite its economical cost, however, it’s still packed with all the quality you rightfully expect from the brand.

Its case is made from long-lasting hardwood that has been coated in Dark Coffee Oak finish. The roman numerals on the dial are made from durable wrought iron. And the pendulum swings delicately in front of a machine steel backdrop.

As for chimes, you’ll be able to choose from Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam options. You can even use the automatic nighttime shutoff option to silence the clock at night when you’re trying to sleep.


  • Transitional-style design can work well in retro or modern style homes.
  • It’s made from long-lasting hardwood and metal components.
  • Levelers under each leg make it possible for you to put the clock on carpet or slanted floors.
  • The chimes have volume controls and an automatic nighttime shutoff option.
  • Both the dial and case are illuminated, allowing you to read the clock in dim lighting.


  • Some assembly is required.

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Howard Miller Cherish Floor Clock

Have you ever wished you had more shelves in your home? Do you have tons of photos and knickknacks you want to display, but nowhere to put them?

The Howard Miller Cherish Floor Clock can help you solve those problems. Not only is it a clock, but the frame contains a few glass shelves that you can use to put your favorite decorations on display.

Furthermore, the cabinet has interior lighting. Anything you put in it will be lit in a delicate glow that accentuates it.


  • The cabinet of the clock has built-in shelving for storage and display purposes.
  • There’s a beautiful Tempus Fugit dial on top.
  • The panel can be locked to protect both your stored items and the clock.
  • Illumination in the cabinet will light up anything you display in it.
  • The clock is covered by a two-year warranty on parts and workmanship.
  • Made from hardwood with an artificially distressed appearance to give it an antique feel.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Juno Floor Clock

This Howard Miller Juno Floor Clock is easily one of the most unique-looking ones on this list. Instead of the classic elaborate wooden case, it has one wooden pillar case with a small window on the bottom for the pendulum.

Its pendulum is also one-of-a-kind. It uses an oscillating movement and it’s a circular ring as opposed to being one solid piece of metal.

The overall effect is something surprisingly beachy. If you’ve got a house with a nautical theme or a house on the beach, we think this clock would be perfect for you.


  • Made from hardwood.
  • Adjustable levelers under each corner so it can rest evenly on any floor.
  • It is both designed and assembled in the US.
  • Completely unique design.


  • Some assembly is required.
Howard Miller Avalon Floor Clock

The Avalon floor clock is another great pick for anyone who wants something a little more modern than your standard grandfather clock. It has a simple rectangular case with a glass front panel and lines marking the hours on the dial.

As it gets darker in your home, you’ll still be able to read the clock or watch the movement of the pendulum. This is because the case’s interior is softly illuminated.

You’ll also have a choice of chime melodies. You can pick Westminister, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam chimes. If you’re putting the clock in a smaller room, you can even lower the volume of the chimes.


  • Sleek modern design that would look good virtually anywhere.
  • Made from hardwood with an Espresso-colored finish.
  • There are floor levelers beneath the clock so it can be stable on any surface.
  • The volume of the chimes can be adjusted so they are not too loud for any space.
  • It has an automatic nighttime shutoff function.


  • None.
Benzara Aesthetically Charmed Wooden Grandfather Clock

With this Benzara clock, we’re back to a classic-looking grandfather clock style that you can just picture nestled in a plush den. It has impressively detailed carvings chiseled durably into the wood, including an arched top panel.

On the hour, it will play the classic Westminster chiming melody. Chances are, you’ve heard this melody before, and it will likely be nostalgic for you.


  • Beautiful traditional design with elaborate carvings.
  • Plays the beloved Westminster chime melody on the hour.
  • Made from solid and long-lasting wood.


  • None reported yet.
Bulova Saybrook Clock

What are your options if you like the look of a grandfather clock, but don’t have enough room for one? Is a grandfather completely out of reach for you? The answer, fortunately, is no!

With this Bulova Saybrook clock, you can enjoy the stately elegance of a grandfather clock on your wall. Since it doesn’t rest on the floor, you won’t have to allocate valuable floor space for the piece.

Just because it’s smaller in size doesn’t mean it can’t chime, either. You’ll be able to choose between Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam melodies hourly.


  • Small and wall-mounted design makes it perfect for tight spaces.
  • Plays your choice of three different chime melodies.
  • Made from hardwood with a cherry finish.
  • The volume of the chimes is adjustable.
  • Has automatic nighttime shutoff so it won’t be disruptive after dark.


  • None.

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Bulova Ridgedale Chiming Wall Clock

We chose to include another Bulova clock on this list because we feel their wall-mounted pieces accurately capture the refinement of a full-size grandfather clock. The Ridgedale is just another excellent example.

Like the Saybrook, it’s made from solid hardwood. That’s how you know it’s made to last. On top of the hardwood, there’s an appealing walnut finish that gives the clock a look of luxury.

The pièce de resistance is surely the pendulum. Its shimmering golden finish and elaborate lyre style is sure to draw the eye, relaxing you as you watch its steady movements.


  • Elegant design with a walnut finish.
  • You can choose which melody the clock plays: Ave Maria, Bim Bam, or Westminster.
  • The volume of the chimes can be adjusted.
  • It won’t chime at night, thanks to its automatic nighttime shutoff.


  • None reported yet.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Grandfather Clock

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding

In order to end up with the best clock for your needs and personal preferences, there are a variety of factors you should consider. One thing we recommend thinking about is where you want to put the clock.

Traditionally, a grandfather clock is freestanding, meaning it stands on its own. However, freestanding grandfather clocks need a lot of room, and many may not have that much space to spare.

In that case, we’d recommend something smaller, such as a wall-mounted clock. If even a wall-mounted clock is too large, then there are always miniature grandfather clocks to consider, which can oftentimes fit on your shelves or mantels.


The size of the clock itself is always important, as well. Even clocks of the same basic type, whether wall-mounted or freestanding, vary in size and weight.

One of the best starting points in this regard is to determine first where you’re going to put the clock. Then you should measure that space, so you know how large your clock can actually be.

Weight is another dimension to keep in mind. Think about how much you’re comfortable moving and compare that with the weight of each clock, which is typically listed in the specifications section for each.


Grandfather clocks aren’t all perfectly uniform. There are many different elements that can vary between them to create an overall unique style.

For instance, wood and finish are important to style. Plenty of people look for a specific wood type, such as oak grandfather clocks. It’s a matter of personal preference if there’s a kind of wood you like.

Finish can completely change the look of a clock, as well. There are dark finishes and light finishes to round out any clock’s aesthetic.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the embellishments. Many wooden grandfather clocks have carvings on the cases that can add to their charm.

Chime Melodies

When you think of a grandfather clock, we’d be willing to bet you imagine them chiming. A grandfather clock’s chime is one of its most noteworthy features.

But if you don’t know much about clocks, you might not have known that there are various chime melodies they can play. Thus, if you like a certain chime melody, it’s a good idea to figure out what it’s called so you can find a grandfather clock that plays it.

There are tons of videos online you can look up that demonstrate popular chime melodies. The Howard Miller clock in the above video demonstrates the Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington melodies that are extremely common.

Nighttime Shutoff

Even if you love the sound of a grandfather clock’s chimes, you likely don’t want to hear them at all hours of the day and night. At nighttime, quiet is especially important, and a chiming clock can be disruptive.

That’s why we suggest keeping your eye out for a nighttime shutoff function. As the name implies, this will silence the clock at night between certain hours (such as from 10 PM to 6 AM), so that the clock won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.

Wrap Up

In the past, keeping a grandfather clock up and running took a little maintenance. You would need to wind them with a key or pull chains inside them once per week.

This maintenance may seem negligible, but if you’re a really busy person, even negligible maintenance can be difficult to remember. Who wants to deal with the hassle of resetting their clock every time they accidentally forget to wind it up or pull the chains?

That’s where the convenience of an electric grandfather clock comes in. Out of all the ones we selected, the one we like most is the Howard Miller Avalon. This clock has a stylish modern aesthetic with a beautiful, polished pendulum and weight shells inside it. Furthermore, the case illumination is excellent for providing you a gentle light to relax by in the evenings.

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