10 Best French Grandfather Clocks for Sale

French décor is breathtaking. Filled with intricate flourishes, colors worthy of paintings, and graceful curves, French-style pieces are ideal for those seeking luxury.

All these concepts can be applied to a grandfather clock. There many on the market today that draw inspiration from French décor, and we’ve found several good ones to show you.

In this list, we will be discussing the best French grandfather clocks for sale. Keep in mind that the clocks themselves aren’t necessarily French – they’re inspired by classic French designs.

Best French Grandfather Clocks

Polyresin Grandfather Clock

Polyresin Grandfather Clock

French pieces are often all about artistic flair. They have extremely detailed scrollwork, carvings, or even pictures on them.

The Polyresin Grandfather Clock may not have come from France, but it nevertheless looks very French. It has quite an elaborate exterior with cold-toned touches that make it look like a priceless work of art.

Additionally, it is battery-operated. This means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of winding it or pulling cables every week.


  • Very detailed piece that looks priceless.
  • It’s battery-operated, which means minimal maintenance.
  • You can adjust the volume of the chiming, so it isn’t too loud for wherever you put it.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of assembly.


  • None reported yet.
Coaster Brown Grandfather Clock

Rounded pediments with slender and tapered frames are another common feature in French clocks. We feel that the Coaster Traditional Grandfather Clock displays those features in a beautiful fashion.

It’s also an easy clock to keep around your house. Thanks to its battery-powered design, you don’t need to do much to keep the clock up and running.

On the hour, it will play the timeless Westminster melody. Many are already familiar with this song, so it may have an element of nostalgia for you.


  • It has an elegant, tapered silhouette.
  • Because it is powered by batteries, you don’t need to worry about pulling cables or winding keys.
  • The warm tone in the finish will go well with wooden antiques in your home.
  • It is generally quite affordable


  • None.
Howard Miller Diana Floor Clock

French-style clocks often have elaborate detailing that makes them feel like pieces of art. The Diana grandfather clock displays this quality beautifully. The bottom of its curved case has swirls and flourishes, and there are some additional flourishes around the dial.

Once you get past the looks on this clock, it has so much more to offer. For instance, both the interior of the case and the dial of the clock are illuminated. You can read the time and watch the movement of the pendulum easily at any time.

Do you have curious children in your home? Fortunately, the door on the clock’s case locks shut, so you don’t need to worry about anyone fussing with the inside of your clock.


  • For an extra layer of security, the clock’s case locks.
  • The cabinet and dial are illuminated, so you can admire the clock at all times.
  • It has an automatic nighttime shutoff to prevent the chiming from waking you.
  • The clock plays the Westminster chime melody.
  • Intricate vines and leaves are carved into the wood.
  • It has levelers under the base so it can rest on carpet or uneven floor.


  • None reported yet.

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Knupp Wood Floor Clock

If you’re concerned that a grandfather clock will be out of your budget, the good news is that there are affordable options like this Knupp Wood Floor Clock. It has the gracefully curving exterior that you’ll see often in French designs, and it’s quite budget-friendly.

Additionally, this beautiful white grandfather clock has a light and neutral tone that’s perfect for breathing a bit of life into any space. The white is likely to match with any other decorations you have, so you can put it virtually anywhere.


  • Some owners have said it fits perfectly with French décor.
  • Its white color will match with a huge range of decorations and styles.
  • It’s light and easy to lift.


  • It doesn’t chime.
  • The clock does not have glass over the dial.
Schultz Grandfather Clock

The Shultz Grandfather Clock isn’t a perfect mimicry of French style, but the curved pediment on top and the columns on the sides are common features in French clocks. We felt it was worth including this one, given how stunning it is.

Howard Miller really outdid themselves with this clock. The weight shells and the pendulum are both finished in a gleaming brass. Its glass panels are beveled to give the piece some additional visual intrigue and dimensions.

Plus, this clock was made to be passed down in your family through future generations. It comes with a brass nameplate that can be engraved with your name and a date of your choosing. Furthermore, it includes an heirloom document that you can pass down along with the clock.


  • Designed to withstand the test of time and be passed down through your family.
  • Interior illumination in the case makes it so you can see the pendulum and weight shells even in dim light.
  • It won’t wake you up in the middle of the night, thanks to its automatic nighttime shutoff.
  • It can play Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael chime melodies.
  • The front door locks to prevent anyone from accidentally messing with the clock.
  • Parts and workmanship are covered by a two-year warranty.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller makes some of the best grandfather clocks in the business. For proof of that, you need only look at this beautiful Taylor timepiece.

With its delicately slender tower, curving swan neck pediment, and brightly polished pendulum, it has all the markings of a classic French-style clock. It will complement and reflect your most elaborate decorations perfectly.

This is a traditional cable-driven clock. That means you will need to wind it every several days, but the mechanical function of the clock is worth it. You’ll love how the clock calls to mind classic timepieces.


  • The clock comes with a free in-home installation done by a clock technician.
  • Made from solid hardwood and finished in Windsor Cherry.
  • The glass panels in the clock are all beveled, which looks incredible.
  • Comes with an heirloom nameplate and certificate, so you can pass it down as a gift.
  • The front door can be locked for additional security.
  • It plays Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael chime melodies.


  • None.
Elegant Harp Shaped Floor Clock

The sophistication of the Elegant Harp-Shaped Floor Clock makes it the perfect piece to add to your home if you decorate with French-style décor. It’s remarkably ornate and is sure to catch the eye of your friends and family.

It’s also a great pick for you if you’re simply a music lover. The harp shape of the clock would fit into homes filled with musical instruments and decorations wonderfully, thanks to its harp-shaped silhouette.


  • Made from polyresin to ensure longevity.
  • It’s great for matching with French décor or music-themed decorations.
  • It only needs a single AA battery to operate.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Anastasia IV Floor Clock

The curved design of the Anastasia IV Floor Clock may have been inspired by Swedish Mora clocks, but we feel as if it will still be a good fit with French decorations. It has an understated sort of elegance that would likely match with just about any decorations you have.

This is another traditional cable-driven clock. While that does mean some more periodic maintenance will be involved, there’s nothing like an old-fashioned grandfather clock to convey a feeling of luxury.

The Anastasia IV plays the Westminster melody. It plays ¼, ½, and ¾ times, in addition to a full chime on the hour every hour.


  • There’s a hinged top door for easy access to the inside of the clock when it’s time to wind it.
  • You can remove the crown on top if you don’t like it.
  • Both the dial and case are illuminated, allowing you to read the face of the clock at any time.
  • It comes with a built-in automatic nighttime shutoff so it won’t disrupt you in the middle of the night.
  • Has levelers under all corners so it will be stable on any flat surface.
  • Includes an heirloom nameplate and certificate.


  • None.
Howard Miller Kinsley Floor Clock

We’d suggest the Kinsley Floor Clock for anyone who loves the look of old-fashioned grandfather clocks. Its stately case, framed by carven pillars and topped with a rounded pediment, will bring a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

Like with many other Howard Miller timepieces, it includes both an heirloom certificate and engraved nameplate. This makes it an ideal heirloom to be passed down through future generations in your family.

Besides the nameplate and certificate, it’s worthy of family treasure status. It has a gorgeous moon phase dial, in addition to accurate, German-made innards. At the top of every hour, it will serenade you with the Westminster song.


  • Made from solid hardwood with a Golden Oak finish.
  • The case locks to protect the interior of the clock from harm.
  • With its dial illumination, you can tell the time no matter how dim it is.
  • It will rest evenly on any type of floor, due to its floor levelers.
  • The clock comes with an heirloom nameplate and certificate.
  • Has a nighttime shutoff function so it won’t chime in the middle of the night.


  • None reported yet.

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Ophelia Wood Floor Clock

A grandfather clock can be space-consuming. If you live in an apartment or otherwise don’t have much space in your home, finding the room for a grandfather clock is a chore.

The good news is, there are grandfather clocks like this Ophelia Wood Floor Clock that don’t just take up space. This clock offers you storage space in return, thanks to its built-in shelving. It has four shelves built into the case, as well as drop-down drawer on the bottom.

You won’t feel as if you’re wasting space in your home with this one. Use it to display photos, certificates, or any collectible decorations you may have.


  • It has a fully finished back.
  • It’s generally quite affordable.
  • Includes four shelves and a drop-down drawer for storage.


  • None reported yet.

What to Consider When Buying a French Grandfather Clock

Chime Patterns

Have you ever heard a clock chiming? There are likely one or two chime melodies you’ve heard in the past, but you should know that there are plenty of options available to you.

In grandfather clocks, the Westminster chime is easily one of the most popular. However, there are several other common options, such as Whittington, Bim Bam, St. Michael, and Ave Maria.

If chimes are important to you, take a couple minutes to listen to the most common grandfather clock chimes online. That way, you can pick one that sounds the way you want it to.


Another defining feature for many grandfather clocks is what they’re made from.  When you imagine a grandfather clock, you’re likely imagining one made from wood, after all!

But there’s much more to consider than just whether or not the clock is made from wood. You can also factor in the type of wood or the finish the wood is coated in.

Finish is the determining factor in how the clock looks. Your clock can be light, dark, or every color in between thanks to the finish.

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Grandfather clocks can be massive. A freestanding clock can oftentimes be taller than a fully grown adult! It’s easy to see why they need so much space.

But a grandfather clock doesn’t have to be large. Even if you’re looking for a grandfather clock that can stand on its own, be sure to check the dimensions for each clock. They vary drastically in size since they come in a huge variety of shapes.

All the clocks on this list are freestanding ones. However, if you need something smaller in size, take a look at our list of the best miniature grandfather clocks.


Unsurprisingly, grandfather clocks can be costly. When you consider what they’re made from, in addition to their size, it’s understandable that some may cost a pretty penny.

But this doesn’t mean that all grandfather clocks are hopelessly out of your reach if you’re on a budget. Just as they come in all shapes and sizes, grandfather clocks also come in a range of price points.

Some of the most affordable versions out there are battery-operated ones. If you need some help selecting one for yourself, we’ve compiled a guide to the best electric grandfather clocks.

Nighttime Shutoff or Volume Controls

A grandfather clock’s chimes usually sound majestic and soothing. There are plenty of people out there who love listening to the sound of a clock tolling out the hour.

We can’t pretend as if everyone always wants to hear chimes, though! At certain times of the day or not, you naturally crave quiet. This is when it’s important to consider whether your clock has either volume controls or a nighttime shutoff function.

With volume controls, you can tweak how loud your clock’s chiming is. This is perfect for smaller rooms that may otherwise make a clock’s chimes sound thunderous. A nighttime shutoff function is also a must-have, as it will mute the grandfather clock’s chimes at night.

Wrap Up

French-style décor is exquisite. Done correctly, it will make your home look like an opulent palace and you feel like royalty.

The grandfather clocks on this list, while not necessarily French in origin, are designed to coordinate with the French decorating style. Our personal favorite on the list is the Diana Grandfather Clock. Its Mora-style case and detailed acanthus leaf carvings would fit right into a French-style home.

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