10 Best Miniature Grandfather Clocks for Sale

A grandfather clock can make a beautiful and classy addition to your home. Unfortunately, they tend to be extremely large pieces, so if you’re short on space, getting one for your home can feel hopelessly out of reach.

Are you worried you couldn’t fit one in your home? There’s no need to be. The good news is that there are plenty of grandfather clocks that are smaller in scale so anyone can have one.

We’ve gathered ten of the best miniature grandfather clocks for sale here. Many of them are so small, they can even fit on a mantel!

Best Miniature Grandfather Clocks

WSM Tiara II Wooden Musical Clock

WSM Tiara II Wooden Musical Clock

This is the clock we’d recommend for you if you’re a chime melody enthusiast. The WSM Tiara II has tons of chime melodies to play, including Westminster, Greensleeves, Amazing Grace, Aura Lee, and much more.

Atop the clock, you’ll find two graceful arches that crown many other grandfather clocks. With its solid wood case, the Tiara conveys all the timeless elegance of a much larger timepiece.


  • Has tons of chime melodies to choose from.
  • Graceful look with lyre-style pendulum.
  • There are volume controls so you can tweak the volume of the chiming.
  • It’s small enough to hang up on your wall.
  • It’s battery-operated, so you don’t need to wind it.


  • None reported yet.
Willits Mantel Clock

Frank Lloyd Wright was a world-famous architect who designed some of the most beautiful buildings in the United States. If you’re a fan of his designs, you’ll love this Bulova Willits clock, because it was based off of his architecture.

Plus, it has many of the features you would find in otherwise much larger grandfather clocks. It has a solid wood case made from walnut and a wooden pendulum. On the front, there is a protective glass panel that looks like an art glass window.

This is a gorgeous centerpiece worth putting out where someone can see it.


  • Art glass panel on the front based on Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.
  • Solid walnut case with wooden pendulum.
  • Because it’s battery-operated, you won’t need to wind it.
  • Includes an engraving plate.


  • Some owners felt the pendulum moves too fast.
Tatianna Clock

The Tatianna Clock by Bulova captures the elegance of a full-size grandfather clock in a small package that can be hung up on your wall. It has weights, a metallic pendulum, and a gorgeous wooden case with a mahogany finish.

Furthermore, it gives you a handful of choices on the chime melody. You’ll be able to choose from a small assortment of classics like Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim-Bam, which will be played at the top of the hour.

If you find the chiming disruptive, the volume of the chimes can be adjusted. This is perfect for when you are displaying the clock in a smaller room.


  • Automatic nighttime shutoff to prevent the clock from disturbing you at night.
  • You can tweak the volume of the chimes to your preference.
  • The case is made from solid wood with a mahogany finish.
  • You can choose from three chime melodies: Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim-Bam.


  • None reported yet.
Howard Miller Lorna Clock

Howard Miller is the king of grandfather clocks. This company produces some of the most stunning pieces on the market today, so they’re an excellent option to turn to when you’re looking for a smaller version.

This Lorna clock is about as stately as any full-size grandfather clock. It’s made from hardwood and finished in Tuscany Cherry, giving it a dark warmth that is a perfect complement to other vintage-style pieces.

The fret cut grill on the front glass panel is also phenomenal. You don’t see many small clocks with this level of detail.


  • Made entirely from sturdy hardwood.
  • Fret cut grill on the front adds a lot of visual intrigue to the clock.
  • It’s small enough to fit on a mantel or table.
  • No assembly is necessary with this clock.


  • No reported issues.
Hamilton Bracket Clock

This Hamilton Bracket Clock is another excellent choice for those who prefer traditional grandfather clock aesthetics. It has the same dual arches you’ll see atop many other grandfather clocks, as well as a metallic pendulum with a mesmerizing movement.

It’s incredibly small, as well. At just 20 inches tall, finding space for this clock is a cinch. It can fit on tables, shelves, desks, or mantels comfortably, giving you a wide range of potential display options.


  • Small size so it can fit in just about anywhere.
  • Has a very traditional look with arches on top and a metallic pendulum.
  • Battery-operated, so you don’t need to maintain it.


  • There are buttons on the clock, but nothing to explain what they do.
Amish Shaker Mantel Clock

Around the world, Amish craftsmen are rightfully renowned for their superb woodwork. This mantel clock, made by an Amish worker, calls all that legendary quality to mind with nothing more than a look.

It’s made from alluring brown maple wood. We think it would work beautifully when contrasted against a light backdrop or with other dark wood furniture.

Additionally, this clock is quite compact. Measuring at exactly 12 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 17.5 inches tall, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect space for it.


  • Compact size.
  • Made with the traditional Amish attention to detail and skill.
  • The case is comprised of brown maple wood.
  • Battery-powered movement.


  • None reported yet.
Seiko Medium Brown Clock with Pendulum and Chime

Like Howard Miller, Seiko is another company that many around the world trust. This compact Seiko clock is a perfect addition to your home if you’re looking for something that makes you think of a grandfather clock.

Its case is made entirely from wood, which was finished in medium-brown. It pairs well with other antique furniture, thanks to its color and stylized numerals. For an extra touch of luxury, the pendulum is coated in a bright gold finish that will draw your eye.


  • Has an optional nighttime shutoff function.
  • Classic clock design that’s perfect for vintage enthusiasts.
  • The case is made entirely from sturdy wood.
  • Plays Westminster or Whittington chimes every quarter-hour.


  • None reported yet.
WSM Chelsea Wooden Musical Mantel Clock

If your favorite part of a grandfather clock is ornate wooden carvings, then we say you should feast your eyes on this WSM Chelsea Wooden Musical Mantel Clock. The scrollwork on the top and bottom, as well as the gracefully curving sides, call to mind the elaborate woodwork you’ll see on quality grandfather clocks.

This clock is capable of playing six different chime melodies. You’ll be able to select from the traditional Westminster chime, a 4x4 quarterly chime, or three different Christmas melodies for when you’re craving some holiday cheer.

If the chimes are too loud, it comes with a volume control setting. It also has an automatic night shutoff function to protect your sleep at night.


  • Beautiful woodwork on the face of the of the panel.
  • The case is made entirely from sturdy wood.
  • There are six different chime melodies to choose from.
  • It has chime volume controls and a nighttime shutoff function, so it won’t disturb you.
  • Battery-operated, which means minimal maintenance on your part.


  • None.
Walnut Wooden Parisian Pendulum Clock

Howard Miller and Seiko are excellent, but they’re not the only companies that produce beautiful clocks. This Walnut Wooden Parisian Pendulum Clock is proof of that statement.

It has a magnificent honey finish that is sure to warm up your home up visually. We also personally love that there are glass panels on the sides in addition to in the front.


  • Powered by a single AA battery.
  • Gorgeous warm-colored finish.
  • Compact size, which makes it easy to find room for.


  • None.
Howard Miller Cleo Triple Chime

We started the list off strong, and we’re ending it strong, too, with this stately Howard Miller Cleo clock. Unlike many of the other options on this list, this one has a full grandfather clock silhouette. Much like a full-size version, it has legs, a long body, and a dial on top.

It’s made from solid wood with a chestnut finish. That gives it a regal aesthetic that’s perfect for adding just a hint of luxury to any room in your home.

Furthermore, you get to choose which chiming melodies play. It can play either Westminster or Ave Maria on the hour.


  • The volume of the chiming can be adjusted to fit the space perfectly.
  • You can choose between hourly Westminster or Ave Maria chime melodies.
  • Made from solid wood with a luxurious chestnut finish.
  • Has a full silhouette like a traditional grandfather clock.


  • No reported issues at this point in time.

What to Consider When Buying a Miniature Grandfather Clock


If you’re looking for a miniature grandfather clock, one of the first considerations you’ll need to make is size, of course. You’re likely looking for a miniature clock in the first place because your space is a little cluttered or you simply don’t have much room to spare.

Start by determining where you want to put your clock. After you’ve selected a location, break out your tape measure and measure it so you know precisely how much space you have.

This will tell you how large a clock you can afford to get. The good news is that grandfather-style clocks come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that’s small enough for just about any space is possible.

Chime Melodies

One of a grandfather clock’s most distinguishing features is its chime melody. There are a handful of classic melodies, like Westminister, Ave Maria, and Bim-Bam that these clocks can play on the hour for you.

Given that you’re going to hear these chimes often, you’ll want to make sure it’s a melody you enjoy. Take a few minutes to listen to popular chime melodies online and choose your favorite. When you look for a potential clock, check the description to see if it plays your favorite melody.

Display Type

When we say, “display type,” we’re referring to how the clock stands. There are many different ways to show off your clock, whether it’s a freestanding one, a wall-mounted one, or one that sits on a mantel.

We don’t recommend a freestanding clock if you’re in need of something spatially conservative. Freestanding clocks tend to be large and tall, requiring a lot of space. Our personal suggestion is to look for wall-mounted and mantel clocks, as these don’t need much room to look stunning.  


A clock is much more than a method for keeping time. It’s also a piece of décor, and the right one can completely alter the look of your room.

Think about what kind of design you like most. Consider the shape of the clock, where you want to put it, and the style of the numbers on the dial. The pendulum can also vary drastically, so be sure to consider whether you like traditional metal pendulums or something unique like a wooden one.

Nighttime Shutoff

No one likes being woken up in the middle of the night by a noise. Unfortunately, if you have a clock with unusually loud chimes, that is precisely what may happen on a regular basis.

This is why we strongly recommend choosing a clock with nighttime shutoff. That way, the clock’s chimes will be muted at night, preserving the peace and quite of your home while you sleep.

Wood and Finish

Finally, don’t forget to think about the wood and finish of the clock. For some, the type of wood is crucial; as an example, consider the popularity of oak grandfather clocks.

Wood isn’t all you should think about, though, as many clocks are made from a simple hardwood. Finish is equally important as far as looks go, because it can give the clock an entirely different look. There are light and dark finishes that can change the mood of the piece, so don’t feel frivolous if you take time to check out how various finish options look before purchasing a clock.

Wrap Up

Clocks have been beloved home decorations for centuries. With their remarkably long history, they’ve had plenty of time to develop a range of styles, shapes, and of course, sizes.

For that reason, you don’t need to feel like a grandfather clock is impossible even if you’re limited on space. There are plenty of small-scale options that can squeeze into crowded homes.

If we had to pick one to recommend on this list, we’d suggest the WSM Chelsea Wooden Musical Mantel Clock. This gorgeous mantel clock gives you a respectable range of chime melodies to choose from, and it has an unforgettable front panel with detailed carvings. It’s sure to be a clock that anyone would be proud to show off.

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