10 Best Modern Grandfather Clocks for Sale

There are so many ways you can decorate your home these days. With numerous decorating styles to choose from, anyone can perfectly tailor their space into something that feels perfect for them.

Contemporary and modern are particularly popular styles in interior décor. Modern décor is characterized by neutral or earthy colors and simple, minimalist styles that aren’t cluttered with busy flourishes.

It seems like a grandfather clock shouldn’t be able to fit in with such a no-frills style. But believe it or not, there are plenty of grandfather clocks that fit right in. We’ll show you some of the best modern grandfather clocks for sale in this list.

Best Modern Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Avalon Clock

Howard Miller Avalon Floor Clock

With many grandfather clocks, you see tall and elaborately carved cases with all these details that aren’t strictly necessary. Howard Miller is a company that understands a range of styles, however, including modern. The Avalon Clock demonstrates this handily.

It has a simple, no-nonsense frame with straight sides. Inside the case, you’ll find a polished pendulum and weight shells that give it just a hint of shine.

Even the dial is as modern as can be. With minimalist lines in place of numbers, the face of the clock is uncluttered and easy to read.


  • The simple design is anything but busy and can be easily paired with a variety of décor.
  • Its crisp dial is easy to read.
  • Has floor levelers on the bottom so it can rest stably on uneven floors.
  • Built-in nighttime shutoff function, so you won’t be disturbed.


  • None reported yet.

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Howard Miller Brenner Brown

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Howard Miller clocks on this list – they’re one of the top manufacturers when it comes to quality grandfather clocks. Here is another example: the Brenner.

In many ways, the Brenner resembles the Avalon. However, there are some attractive key differences, such as the Brenner’s mirrored back and interior LED lamp. Thanks to the LED lamp, the grandfather clock emits a soft glow that you can adjust or turn off to your liking.

Furthermore, this clock was clearly designed to last for generations. With your purchase of the Brenner clock, you’ll get an heirloom nameplate which can have your name and a specific date engraved into it. The clock will also come with a certificate documenting the purchase so you can pass it down as documentation.


  • It includes documentation and an engraved nameplate, so you can pass the clock down through your family.
  • The chimes will be automatically silenced at night.
  • Its interior is lit with an LED lamp that you can adjust the brightness of.
  • You can pull off the side panels in order to easily reach the interior of the clock when necessary.
  • Thanks to the levelers on the bottom, the clock can rest on slanted floors or carpet.


  • None.
Howard Miller Juno II Floor Clock

The Juno II Floor Clock is a timepiece that will stand out in anyone’s memory. With its straight frame, oscillating pendulum, and minimal dial, this clock can pair with and play off of any other decorations in your home.

This beauty is battery-operated. That means you won’t need to deal with the hassle of remembering to wind a key or pull chains. Just put a battery in the clock, set the time, and let it take care of itself.

If you don’t like it in white, the Juno also comes in a range of additional colors. It really is one of the more flexible options on this list.


  • Available in multiple colors.
  • It needs just a single AA battery and two C batteries to operate.
  • There are levelers beneath it to ensure it rests evenly on your floor.
  • The frame is made from solid hardwood.


  • There is a little assembly required with this clock.

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Howard Miller Orville Floor Clock

If you like pieces with a bit of an industrial feel to them, we might suggest you take a look at this Orville Floor Clock. It’s another quality Howard Miller timepiece with a unique twist on the traditional grandfather clock design.

It really doesn’t get more minimalist than this clock. It has a simple metal frame, a ring-shaped pendulum, and a modern-style dial.

As you may have guessed, it’s also battery-operated. These types of clocks are excellent for people who don’t want to have spend much time maintaining their décor.


  • Utterly unique design you won’t really see anywhere else.
  • Battery-operated, so you won’t have to do much maintenance.
  • Durable construction.
  • Levelers under all the corners allow it to rest on just about any flat surface.


  • None reported yet.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with grandfather clocks is how much space they can take up in your home. If your home is cramped, finding the right place for a grandfather clock can seem virtually impossible.

That’s part of the reason why this Alcott Hill Clock is so lovely. It’s a freestanding clock that will still need a fair amount of room, but it doesn’t just take up space – it provides storage. It has four shelves built into its case instead of a pendulum. You can use them to display a few of your favorite pieces.

Because of the whitewashed look of the wood, it also has a slight rustic twist to it. This gives the clock a bit more versatility when it comes to visual appeal.


  • The clock includes built-in shelves.
  • If necessary, you can remove any of the shelves to fit in taller photos or knickknacks.
  • The chimes automatically shut off at night, so the clock won’t interrupt your sleep.
  • It’s easy to keep it clean – just wipe it down with a cloth periodically.


  • Some have reported that the sound of the chimes is low in quality.

Howard Miller really knows how to make a statement piece. The Crescent Floor Clock is all you need to look at to confirm that statement.

This stunning and graceful clock may remind you of the shape of a crescent moon. Its delicately arched frame and number-less dial combine to create a truly sophisticated clock. We recommend it for anyone on a mission to create a refined and modern space with a futuristic feel.

Once you get a battery in this clock, it’s a treat to watch. The pendulum lines up perfectly with the cutout in the frame, so it actually swings back and forth through the frame while it keeps time.


  • Simple, elegant design that may remind you of a crescent moon.
  • The transparent pendulum swings through the frame of the clock.
  • It has levelers to ensure the clock rests properly and the pendulum swings freely.
  • It’s battery-operated, so there’s no need to pull chains every week.


  • None.
Howard Miller Enzo Floor Clock

A glaring flaw with a lot of modern décor is that it can look cold and impersonal. The wrong kind of modern decorations can make you feel like you’re staying in a robotically formulated hotel room rather than your own home.

That’s why we like the Howard Miller Enzo Floor Clock. The walnut its frame is made from gives the clock a warm, natural feel that could breathe life into any space.

However, the natural look of the wood doesn’t cause the piece to sacrifice any of its modernistic flair. The simple dial and pendulum manage to marry modernism and rusticism into one solid piece.


  • Made from beautiful and natural walnut wood to give the clock a warmer tone.
  • It’s battery-operated.
  • It has levelers beneath the base to make sure it sits evenly on your floor.
  • The clock is designed and assembled in the US.


  • There is some assembly required.
Leff Amsterdam Inverse Mirror Clock

Richard Hutten is a well-known designer in the Netherlands. His creative mind shaped the Leff Amsterdam Inverse Mirror Clock, which combines a clock and a mirror into one functional piece.

There’s something undeniably refined and chic about this clock. The gleam of the mirror combined with the earthiness of the oak clock creates an unforgettable aesthetic that your guests are sure to comment on.


  • This is both a clock and a mirror.
  • You can display it vertically or horizontally, so you have display options.
  • Has real oak wood in the dial.


  • Naturally, it may be more fragile than other grandfather clocks on the market.
Wolf Designs Jigsaw Grandfather Clock

Don’t have the room for a full-size grandfather clock? This Wolf Designs Jigsaw Mini Grandfather Clock mimics the look of a traditional clock, but with a fun modern twist in a small package.

At just 16 inches tall, this is a petite time piece. It’s one of many miniature grandfather clocks that are ideal for homes where space is in short supply.

What’s more, the clock is sold in multiple colors. If blue isn’t your style, green and yellow are also available for purchase.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Miniature size that can fit on tables, desks, shelves, or nightstands.
  • Comes in multiple color variations.


  • Assembly is required.
Iron Scroll Floor Clock

Gracefully curving metal frames containing simple centerpieces have been popular in modern décor. The Iron Scroll Floor Clock is a perfect example of this. Its basic metal frame makes it easy to pair this clock with a range of decorative pieces in your home.

Its frame is made from solid iron. This means that the clock is also extremely tough.


  • Versatile visual design means it will go well with your other decorations.
  • Made from solid iron for longevity.
  • No assembly is necessary.


  • None reported yet.

What to Consider When Buying a Modern Grandfather Clock

Chime Patterns

When you think of a grandfather clock, what are some of the first things that jump into your mind? If it’s not a tall and sturdy wooden case, it’s probably the sound of the clock’s chimes. Grandfather clocks typically have beautiful musical chimes that give your home an almost whimsical feel.

There are several well-known chime melodies that are common among grandfather clocks. Westminster is by far the most popular, but you can also find clocks that play Ave Maria, Bim Bam, St. Michael, and Whittington melodies.

Prior to purchasing any clock, it’s never a bad idea to check out which melodies it plays. That way, you can be sure you’ll love hearing your clock as much as you love seeing it.


Most people picture large clocks that are taller than many adults when they imagine a grandfather clock. Generally speaking, they tend to be big pieces, so it’s easy to see why many people would assume they must be large.

However, a grandfather clock doesn’t have to consume all the free space in your home. Even if you choose a freestanding clock that will rest on your floor, they come in a range of sizes that may be better in your situation.

Because of this, we strongly recommend checking the dimensions of any clock you’re interested in. This information is usually included in the weight and dimensions or product specifications sections on the site selling it. Once you know how large the clock is, you can compare those measurements to the space you have available.


We know this article is about modern-style grandfather clocks, but even clocks from a similar style category can look quite different from one another. There are a bunch of variations you can consider to ensure you choose a clock that’s truly perfect for you.

For instance, you can factor in the material of the clock. A wood clock has quite a different look and feel from one made of metal.

And if you’re choosing a wooden clock, you can take it a step further. Think about the type of wood and the finish on that wood. The finish can completely change the coloration of your clock.

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It’s not exactly surprising, but grandfather clocks can get pretty pricy. This isn’t necessarily the case for all of them, though – even those huge freestanding clocks that most people picture when they imagine a grandfather clock.

That’s why it’s never a bad idea to determine what kind of budget you’re comfortable with in advance. The best grandfather clock for you is always going to be one that you can afford.

Mechanical or Electric

You may also want to ask yourself if it matters to you how the clock is powered. Traditional grandfather clocks must be wound by a key or have chains pulled inside them once every several days to keep running. These key-wound or cable-driven clocks are oftentimes beautiful and ornate, but if you’re an extremely busy person, you might forget their maintenance.

The alternative is a quartz, also known as battery-powered, grandfather clock. With these clocks, all you need to do is periodically replace the batteries. Plus, as a bonus, they tend to be a little more affordable.  

Nighttime Shutoff

Are you a light sleeper? Do even the quietest sounds jar you out of your sleep?

Then you’ll probably want to consider choosing a grandfather clock with nighttime shutoff. For most grandfather clocks that have this function, it’s automatic. After a certain time, the grandfather clock will mute the sound of its chiming so you can enjoy total peace and quiet while you sleep.

Wrap Up

Modern and contemporary styles are in-demand right now in homes. These styles are beloved for their efficient, no-nonsense décor that can turn any space into an elegant place.

If we were adding a grandfather clock to our home, we’d choose the Brenner Floor Clock. The mirrored case, paired with the polished metal weight shells and pendulum, has an inarguably modern feel. With the in-case LED lamp, you’ll also be able to read the clock at any time, regardless of how dim it is.

Out of all the clocks on this list, we think it is one of the most intriguing-looking. What’s more, it’s designed to be passed down through you family with its nameplate and certificate.

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