10 Best White Grandfather Clocks for Sale

For many, their home decorating scheme revolves around specific color combinations. Out of all the colors available, white is, by far, one of the easiest colors to match with. As a neutral color, it goes with anything, breathing a little brightness into any space.

That makes white a prime color for grandfather clocks. Made from light metal or wood and with a bright finish, a white grandfather clock can liven up any room you choose to put it in.

The problem is, they can be a bit tricky to find. That’s why we’ve done the digging for you here in our list of best white grandfather clocks. Let’s show you what we discovered…

Best White Grandfather Clocks

Torrance Floor Clock

Torrance Floor Clock

Howard Miller is one of the biggest grandfather clock manufacturers out there, so don’t be surprised when you see quite a few of them on this list. The Torrance Floor Clock is the first of several light Howard Miller timepieces that we’ve selected for your viewing pleasure.

It’s made from solid hardwood and finished in gray with white undertones. The pendulum is suspended on a white stick that ties together the rest of the bright coloration.

It also has an undeniably memorable silhouette. With gracefully curving sides and a minimalist front panel, the Torrance clock will strike you just as much as it strikes the time.


  • Made from solid hardwood with a light finish.
  • Offers you a choice between Westminster or Ave Maria chimes on the hour.
  • There are levelers on the bottom of each leg, so it can stay level on uneven floors.
  • You can remove the crown on top to play with the overall look of the clock.
  • It has volume controls and a nighttime shutoff function for peace and quiet.


  • No reported issues.

Is space a little tight in your home? Then allow us to introduce you to the Angelina Wall Clock, a wall-mounted grandfather-style clock that won’t take up a bunch of room on your floor.

Like the previous clock, it has a distinct curved silhouette. You can even remove the crown on top if you want to change up the clock’s aesthetic.

As far as chime options go, it has a few selections: Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam. These are all classic clock melodies that you’re likely already familiar with.

What’s more, the clock is quartz and battery-operated. No need to take time out of your schedule to wind it up periodically.


  • Smaller size that can be hung up on your walls.
  • Three different hourly chime melodies, including Ave Maria, Bim Bam, or Westminster.
  • The crown is removable so you can experiment with the aesthetic.
  • Small, adorable pendulum window on the bottom.
  • Because it’s battery-operated, you don’t need to maintain it much.


  • None.
Brenner IV Floor Clock

Many grandfather clocks make one think of days gone by and antiques. But what if vintage isn’t a style you enjoy? What if contemporary is more your style?

In that case, the Brenner IV Floor Clock by Howard Miller could be perfect for your preferences. This hardwood clock is finished in a glossy white and the interior is backed by a mirrored panel.

Additionally, there’s an LED lamp inside the case. This lights the dial so you can tell the time, and if you find it too bright, there are three different settings you can access by simply touching the upper right door hinge.


  • Chic mirrored design makes it delightfully modern.
  • It has a soft LED light in the case so you can read the dial at any time.
  • Comes with a free nameplate with your name engraved on it and an heirloom certificate for documentation.
  • It can sit on uneven floors because it has levelers beneath its corners.
  • There’s an automatic nighttime shutoff option so it won’t wake you in the middle of the night.


  • None reported yet.
Rhythm Iris Clock

This Rhythm Iris clock is the one for you if you’re all about chime melodies. This little wall-mounted clock has a mind-blowing 30 different melodies it can play, including 12 folk songs, 12 classical chime melodies, and 6 Christmas carols.

To ensure you’re not woken up in the middle of the night by one of its beautiful melodies, the clock even comes with volume controls and an automatic nighttime shutoff function. Set the music as loud or as soft as you like depending on the size of the room you put it in.

To top it off, the clock is covered by a one-year warranty. If it there are any issues with its materials or craftsmanship, you won’t need to worry about having wasted your money.


  • Has an amazingly large selection of chime melodies.
  • You’re able to adjust the volume of the chimes.
  • Automatic nighttime shutoff so you won’t be woken in the middle of the night.
  • It comes with the batteries it needs to function.
  • The clock has an alluring silvery white face with elaborate metallic pendulum.


  • None.
Howard Miller Juno II Floor Clock

Looking for a conversation piece? You can’t go wrong by choosing the artistic and unique Juno II Floor Clock by Howard Miller.

Instead of the classic large grandfather clock frame, this one has a slender pillar-like frame with a large metallic dial on top. At the bottom, you’ll find a small circular window that displays the minimalist dial.

Both the dial and the case are illuminated. This means you can read the clock even in dim lighting, making it the perfect décor for wherever you spend your evenings.


  • Made from tough hardwood and finished in Ivory Oak.
  • You can put it on carpet or slanted floors thanks to its levelers.
  • Unique and minimalist design that would look gorgeous in modern homes.
  • The dial and case are illuminated so you can read the clock at night.


  • There is some assembly required.
Isadora II Floor Clock

The Isadora II Floor Clock doesn’t have all the components you’re used to seeing in a grandfather clock – namely, it doesn’t have a pendulum. If that doesn’t deter you, however, it is an excellent clock that can help save you some room in your home by providing you with storage.

In addition to having a few glass shelves inside, the case’s interior is lit. The dial is also illuminated, allowing you to clearly see what’s inside the case and read the dial at all times. We think that makes it an excellent display for some of your favorite photos and knickknacks.

Furthermore, it can play Westminster or Ave Maria chime melodies on the hour. Not only can you heighten its beauty by using it as a display – it sounds musical, too!


  • Built-in shelving to save you room elsewhere.
  • The interior of the case and the dial are illuminated so you can see them clearly.
  • Levelers on the bottom allow you to put this clock on uneven or carpeted floors.
  • Can play Ave Maria or Westminster melodies.
  • You can raise or lower the volume of the chiming.
  • Optional nighttime shutoff to preserve the quiet at night.


  • It does not have a pendulum, which may be important to some.
Anastasia II Floor Clock

You may notice some similarities between this Anastasia II Floor Clock and some of the earlier options on this list. It has the same curved frame, with the addition of weights inside for that classy look.

If you’re worried about someone tinkering with the inside of the clock, there’s no need to be. The glass panel on the front can be locked to protect its delicate internal components from prying hands.

It also comes with a nameplate that you can have your name and a specific date engraved on. That makes it an especially tasteful gift to pass down to your children as a new family heirloom.


  • The front panel locks, preventing random people from opening the clock.
  • Includes an engraved nameplate and certificate so you can pass it down through the family.
  • It won’t disturb you at night because it has an automatic nighttime shutoff.
  • You can remove the crown on top if you don’t like the way it looks.
  • There are levelers underneath all four corners so you can ensure the clock is level.
  • The pendulum is finished in aged nickel that contrasts the case beautifully.


  • None.

We took some liberties by including the Crescent Floor Clock on this list, but we couldn’t resist showing it off. It’s not technically white per se, but its bright silver frame will still complement white décor nicely.

To round off its complementary design, it has a stark black base and dial. These features give it a little contrast that will pop in any modern home.

Not to mention its unique crescent shape – it’s not every day you see a clock as elegant and modern as this. Put it somewhere your guests can see it, and we can all but guarantee it will be a real conversation piece.


  • Bright silver frame goes well with white décor.
  • Crescent shape is striking and unique.
  • Levelers under the base keep the clock stable.


  • It’s not quite bright white, but we feel the light silver still works.
Newton I Table Clock

As with the previous one on this list, the Newton I Table Clock isn’t entirely white, but its bright silver frame and huge white dial make it light enough to qualify in our book. It has a new and modern take on the classic grandfather clock look, as well. Rather than have a huge and elaborate frame, it has a simple metallic one with a minimalist pendulum.

This could be a great pick for you if you’re concerned you don’t have the room for a full-size floor clock. Thanks to its small size, it can comfortably squeeze onto shelves, tables, mantels, desks, or even nightstands.


  • Small in size, which means you can display it virtually anywhere.
  • Minimalist design is easy to match with a range of styles.
  • Bright white dial and light silver frame work well with other white decorations.
  • Only needs a single AA battery.


  • None reported yet.
Holden Mantel Clock

Although the frame of this Holden Mantel Clock isn’t strictly white, we feel the large face and mother of pearl trim are worth making an exception for. This is one stunning clock that you’ll love looking at. With its compact size, you can easily put it somewhere you can see it throughout the day, such as in a home office or even on your desk at work.

The frame is made from reliable hardwood that has been finished in Espresso. As a result, it has an appealing visual contrast between its frame and face.


  • Thanks to its compact design, you can easily put the clock pretty much anywhere.
  • Has a bright white face and surrounded by beautiful mother of pearl trim.
  • The frame is made from long-lasting hardwood.


  • None.

What to Consider When Buying a White Grandfather Clock


As you can see from this list alone, grandfather clocks come in a huge range of sizes. They can be large, stately clocks that tower up from your floor, medium clocks that rest upon your wall, or small clocks that can fit comfortably on shelves and tables.

Because of this, you should give some thought towards the amount of room you have to spare for a clock. Don’t feel as if you have to completely rearrange your home to make enough space for one. If you’re worried about struggling to squeeze one in, you can look for a wall-mounted or mantel clock that’s compact.

You can also check out our list of the best miniature grandfather clocks for sale. You’ll find plenty of small-scale options there that can fit in virtually anywhere you need them to.

Chime Melodies

Just as they come in all shapes and sizes, so, too, do grandfather clocks have multiple melodies to choose from. There are a handful of extremely classic chimes you’ll find most commonly, so we recommend taking some time to look up a video of the top chime melodies.

That way, you’ll know what each one sounds like and what your preferences are. Once you’ve narrowed down what your favorite chime melodies are, be sure to check the description for every clock to see which chime melodies it offers. Some clocks even let you choose from a few different optional melodies, which is perfect for switching up the routine once you get bored of one sound.

Nighttime Shutoff Function

A clock’s chimes can be a lovely background noise during the day, but when you’re trying to sleep, that may not be the case. In the event you suffer from insomnia or often wake up in the middle of the night, we suggest considering a clock with an automatic shutoff feature.

It does precisely what it sounds like. A shutoff function will mute the chiming at night so you can enjoy total quiet while you sleep.

Wood and Finish

Many grandfather clocks are made from solid wood. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but if you choose a clock that is made of wood, the type can be a compelling consideration. Hardwood is particularly popular for clocks because of its durability.

Beyond wood type, you may also want to consider how the finish looks, as it changes the clock’s hue. In this case, we did our best to find clocks that have a bright white finish, but white is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other finishes to check out if you’ve decided that white isn’t really your style.

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Wrap Up

A white grandfather clock may be just the thing you need to bring some light to a space or to tie together a room. We feel as if we included quite a few attractive options on this list, but the one we like the most is the Brenner IV Floor Clock.

Not only do we love the contemporary design, but we appreciate the interior illumination. It’s only too easy to imagine lounging in the room with the clock at night, lit by a gentle glow.

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